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16 September 2019, Monday

As the core foundation of the national economy, the transportation sector plays a critical role in creating jobs and labor market access, connecting regions, and enhancing supply chain and logistic

13 September 2019, Friday

Every aspect or our life is supported by some form of engineering feat, whether it is the roads we ride on,  the bridges we cross, or the gadgetsand utilities we use in our day to day lives includi

11 September 2019, Wednesday

Allowing citizens to express their individual rights requires knowledge and understanding of the role of government in a society.

08 September 2019, Sunday

The majority of the population being young, Ethiopia has to do a lot more to create a conducive environment and engage the youth in community development and entrepreneurship.

06 September 2019, Friday

With the ongoing reform in Ethiopia, issues of peace, security, international relations, and development are at the forefront.

30 August 2019, Friday

TASFA invites professional who lead and manage projects and program in the private and public sectors to share their experience